Civil Service Employment

The Civil Service employment application is for Civil Service positions only. The Employees Civil Service Office accepts civil service applications for all positions within the Township at any time:

Applications may be printed, filled out and returned by mail, fax, in person, or via email. All fields may be filled out on the computer or by hand except for signatures which must be done by hand only.

Please be sure to double check your application if it is filled out via a browser and then saved. We have received reports of the form not saving the information entered. It is suggested that you save the form to your computer first and then fill it out.

Firefighter & Police Officer Employment

Applications for Firefighter and Police Officer positions are posted only when a position is opened. At such time, the application will be available.

Applications for Firefighter Positions

The Charter Township of Clinton Act 78 Police and Fire Civil Service Commission will be testing for the position of Firefighter to create an Eligibility List for future employment opportunities. 

View the Notice for Application - Firefighter (PDF) more information.


The CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CLINTON ACT 78 POLICE & FIRE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION will be testing for the position of POLICE OFFICER to create an Eligibility List for future employment opportunities, beginning JULY 9, 2021.

Click here to view the Notice for Application

Parks & Recreation Employment

Applications for Parks and Recreation seasonal positions are accepted from January to March only. The Parks and Recreation Department will post their department specific application for seasonal positions on the Recreation page. The application will be available only during their hiring time.