Board of Ethics


  • Daniel Maher, Chairperson
  • Scott Gatti
  • Marge Rama


The Board of Ethics consists of three members appointed by the Township Board of Trustees. 

Term of Office

Members serve three-year terms.


In March of 2019, the Township Board of Trustees adopted the Ethics Policy of the Charter Township of Clinton. The policy provides minimum standards of conduct for elected and appointed officials.  It includes limits of gifts, the use of Township property for non-business purposes, and provisions to prevent conflict of interest in voting and contracting.

This page is a resource for Township officials, as well as the public. It provides a complete and up-to-date version of the Township’s ethics policy; public filings of the Township’s elected officials; and information on the Board of Ethics policy and procedure, including the process for filing a complaint.


The Board of Ethics shall:

  • Process and make determinations as to complaints filed by any persons alleging violations of the Ethics Policy and to make recommendations to the Township Trustees when deemed appropriate
  • Provide written advisory opinions to persons subject to the Charter Township of Clinton Ethics Policy as to the applicability of the provisions of the Ethics Policy to them