Clinton Township Strategic Plan


The Clinton Township Strategic Vision Plan aligns the community and local leadership around a common vision for the future of the Township. This strategic vision plan has been holistically informed by the intuitive knowledge of the community, and technically informed by an examination of physical, economic, and social trends. It is designed to be used as a tool to guide and inform the community and local leaders in making collective decisions that work toward a common future over the next three to five years.

Plan Priorities

  1. Define additional opportunities to support roadway maintenance including funding, education, and a communication campaign.
  2.  Produce an economic development strategy with financial incentives to strengthen commercial corridors
  3.  Develop a non-motorized transportation system and execute the plan.
  4.  Create a marketing and communication campaign with measurable goals and metrics.
  5.  Implement a river trail system that addresses debris removal, clean-up, daylighting, and identifies funding sources.