What if I am unhappy with my assessment?

First please review your property information online or at the Assessing Department to ensure accuracy. Assessing staff are here to help you understand your assessment and property record.

If you wish to appeal your assessment you may do so at the March Board of Review. This is the only time of the year you may appeal your assessment locally. For residential property a proper, timely-filed appeal to the March Board of Review is required if you wish to appeal further to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

Assessment Change Notices

Assessment Change Notices are mailed near the end of February each year. The notice will show your previous values as well as the tentative new values for the new year.

The information on how to appeal to the March Board of Review, including dates, times, and the filing deadline is at the bottom of the notice form. March Board of Review details will also be posted on our website, in the local newspaper, and at the Civic Center.

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